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#1 objection I get from business owners

“I already get reviews because I have testimonials on my site and even more on my Facebook page. There's no difference between reviews and testimonials.”


Testimonials are great on your website, but that means people are already on your website. When people are searching for businesses online, they don’t know about your website yet. You need actual reviews on the platform where people search for businesses – most importantly Google. You can have all the testimonials on your site that you want, but if people don’t go to your site because your competition has vastly more reviews on Google compared to yours then those testimonials don’t matter.

Reviews Affect Search Results
In the same way, actual/real “reviews” influence your ranking and display in Google search results. Testimonials on your website do not have this effect. (see screenshot to the right)

Here we did a search for “guitar lessons in Richmond Virginia”
Which one of these companies do you think you’d probably NOT call?

So What's The Problem?

Why aren't more customers leaving you reviews?

How Do We Fix The Problem?

We create and implement a Review Acquisition System

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How Do We Drive Traffic To The Review Funnel Page?

Email Drip Campaign

3 emails sent over 7 days

1st Email) Thanking the customer and asking them for a review (maybe giving them a discount if they do leave a review)

If they don’t Leave a review 

2nd Email) Thanking the customer and reminding them to leave a review (maybe giving them a discount if they do leave a review)

If they still don’t leave a review we send them the last email

3rd Email) Thanking the customer and reminding them to leave a review again (maybe giving them a discount if they do leave a review)

If they don’t leave a review after the 3rd email we just let them be. We don’t want to bug the customer too much.

Two other ways to drive customers to your review funnel page


If you have a way to get a customers phone number, then you can send them a text message with a link to your review funnel page

Print Material

You can hand them a business card or post card with a coupon or discount, with the URL to your review funnel page. (printed material is included with this service)

What else do I get with this service?

Review Management!

Monitor, Share and Respond To Reviews

We will monitor the reviews that come in, share them to your social media or website and if a review comes in that we thinks a response from you, we will send it to you in an email.

Once we get the response from you we will send it back to the customer.

Review Stream

With a wordpress plugin, we can automatically send your good reviews to your website!

Only works with a wordpress website.

Rich Snippet Review Markup For SEO

When customers start leaving good reviews on the google platform, not only does it boost your local search rankings, but you get a customer star rating markup that improves your chances with getting new customers.

Automated Social Media Posting

I know above I said we can share your reviews manually to your social media platforms. But wouldn’t it be cool to just have everything automated!?

Monthly Reporting

We can send you monthly reporting either on demand when you ask for it or automatically. 

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